This Eurochorus workshop could not take place without the efficient support of the Federation of Franco-German Choirs and the Franco-German Choir of Aachen “Les Troubadours d’Aix”.

The price of the course is 230 € :

  • 200 € for the “Music for Peace” course
  • 30 € membership fee to the Eurochorus association

A discount of 15 € is offered to choristers who are members of a Franco-German choir.

Registrations are open until 15 July 2022.


  • Secretary +33 (0) 7 80 04 71 26
  • Treasurer      +33 (0) 6 87 71 93 54

Registration procedures:

Registration for the Eurochorus 2022 course will be considered after receipt of

  • the completed registration form, to be downloaded opposite and sent by e-mail to (the procedure is described in the form),
  • payment of a deposit of 100 € (if applicable, attach a copy of the SEPA transfer)

Important : Cancellation conditions and all legal information (health regulations, GDPR…) are to be consulted on the Internal Rules of the association (downloadable on the right).

Payments :

The participation fee for the Eurochorus 2022 course can be paid in two instalments:

  • Payment of 100 € at registration
    30€ for the membership fee + a deposit of 70€ on the price of the course
  • Payment of the balance before 22 August 2022
    130 € (or 115 € for members of a Franco-German choir)

 Payments may be ordered :

  • preferably:

by SEPA transfer to the Eurochorus account:

IBAN : FR76 4255 9000 2121 0293 9140 613

Attach in an email to

    1. your application form
    2. a copy of the SEPA transfer references
  • or by cheque made out to “EUROCHORUS”

Enclose in a letter addressed to
EUROCHORUS – 41 route des Côteaux – F-31320 PECHBUSQUE – FRANCE  

    1. a copy of the application form sent by e-mail
    2. your cheque

Correspondence addresses :

Exchanges should preferably be sent by courier to

Postal mail should be sent to the address of the association’s secretariat

41, route des Côteaux

 Conditions for membership of the “Eurochorus” association.

he payment of the annual membership fee (30 €) is equivalent to membership of the association and tacit acceptance of the internal rules (downloadable opposite).

Membership is compulsory to participate in a Eurochorus course. It allows you to benefit from the insurance policy taken out by the association for all the activities it organises.

In case of cancellation of the registration at the request of the trainee, whatever the reason, the membership fee of 30 € remains due to the association.