The Alexander technique

The Alexander Technique is a method of self-discovery that explores the fundamental impulses of human movement by observing how we interfere in our coordination. It is valued by performing artists (dancers, musicians, actors, choreographers) for the precision, awareness and simplicity it generates. For this reason, it is taught in conservatories of excellence throughout the world.

It draws its strength of reasoning from the psycho-physical unity of the human being, where the physical, mental and emotional are in constant interrelation to preserve an indissociable whole, whose global expression is the Self. The balance of the whole depends on how well we adapt to the stimuli of life (and therefore of the plateau).

Over the years, we unwittingly adopt habits or attitudes that restrict our availability and create obstacles to the broad use of our capacities, especially in the field of learning and creation.

The Alexander Technique allows us to develop a greater awareness of our actions, our gestures and our way of doing and being.

– Observe how this psycho-physical organism that we are functions, organises itself and balances itself, in order to improve the use of ourselves.
– To observe the difference between what we think we do and what we really do.
– To begin to clarify for oneself through movement the notions of “doing”, “not doing” and “letting go”.
– To develop a broad attention as opposed to a narrow and focused concentration.
– To become aware of the power with which thought affects movement and expression.
– Question the notion of balance physically as in everything: fixed stability or fluid stability?
– To use oneself with greater economy, simplicity and efficiency by improving one’s overall balance through better coordination.
– Relieve various recurring pains and tensions due to “misuse”.

Frederik-Mathias Alexander (1869-1955)

As a young actor, he was confronted with problems of hoarseness and aphonia during the performances he gave. Only by resting his voice completely could he recover it. He concluded that a wrong way of using his voice was the cause of his problems. He then began a long period of observation and work with himself, which led him to discover fundamental principles of human functioning.

The Alexander Technique is seen by its practitioners as an education aimed at making the student master of the tools offered to him.