Internal regulation

Adopted on May 5, 2020

These rules of procedure have been drawn up in accordance with article 15 of the statutes of our association, with the aim of specifying and completing certain rules of its operation.


1.1. All requests for registration must be made in writing using a form prepared for this purpose by the office. This form or registration form, updated for each course session, sets out the conditions for the registration of trainees, as the conditions for registration may vary from one course to another.

1.2. In exercising their powers as defined in Articles 10 and 11 of the Statutes, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors shall take particular care to ensure that new members present guarantees of probity and competence and are motivated by a desire to work towards the realisation of the association’s purpose.

1.3. The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors may admit any natural or legal person as a new member.


2.1. The amounts, respectively of the annual membership fees and the registration fees for each activity mentioned in article 13 of the statutes of our association, are fixed by a simple decision of the board of directors, transcribed in minutes and brought to the attention of the interested parties by any means, in particular the Internet site and the brochures presenting the courses.

2.2. Membership of the association is valid for the whole calendar year.

2.2.1. Membership of the association is mandatory to participate in any activity.

2.2.2. Membership gives the right to benefit from the insurance policy taken out by the association during the activities in which the members participate.

2.2.3. A member wishing to register for a second course which would be offered in another place on another date of the same calendar year, would pay, the second time, only the registration fee, the benefit of the membership fee already paid being retained.



3.1. Cancellation at the trainee’s request

3.1.1. If the request for cancellation is made before the required date for payment of the balance, 70% of the deposit paid at registration will be refunded. The amount of the deposit at registration and the date of payment of the balance are specified on the registration form.

3.1.2. If the request for cancellation is made after the required date for payment of the balance, the deposit paid at the time of registration will be retained by the association and will not be refunded.

3.1.3. However, in the event of force majeure for the trainee or a relative (illness, accident, death), on production of a medical document or a document proving the good faith of the applicant, the deposit paid at the time of registration will be reimbursed in full.

3.1.4. In all cases, regardless of the circumstances justifying the request, the association membership fee will not be refunded.

3.2. Cancellation by the association

If the cancellation of a course is decided by the association or caused by an external reason beyond its control, all sums paid, including membership fees, will be refunded regardless of the date of cancellation.


4.1. By registering, the trainee accepts to appear in photos or videos that can be used to report on the session or a concert and to promote future sessions. These photos or videos may be published on paper or digital documents for the press, on publicity documents, on websites and blogs -including those of the association-, and all useful and necessary media.

4.2. Similarly, by registering, the trainee accepts that his or her voice may be recorded for archival purposes, for reports, for the production of CDs or for the promotion of future sessions, for broadcasting on websites and blogs -including those of the association-, for radio and television programmes, etc.


Aware of the importance of the personal data collected during registration, the association and its board of directors are concerned to protect them as much as possible; as such, they scrupulously follow the general European data protection regulations. More information on this subject is available on the association’s website.


6.1. The training is provided to members in the form of musical rehearsal sessions, the programme of which was made known to the trainee members prior to their registration.

6.2. The programme of the training – and possibly of the return concert(s) – is proposed by the artistic director or the guest conductor; the Board of Directors validates this programme after a feasibility study.

6.3. The rehearsal sessions are conducted by the guest conductor, who may or may not be assisted by one or more singing teachers, vocal technique coaches, piano accompanists, coaches, etc.

6.4. Rehearsal sessions are compulsory, any absence must be justified.

6.5. The rehearsal work may give rise to one or more rehearsal concerts, of which the venue(s), date(s) and time(s) as well as the concert costume will have been made known to the trainee members.

6.6. If one or more rehearsal concerts are organised, admission may be charged, and the performance of the works may be accompanied, if necessary, by one or more professional or amateur instrumentalists and one or more professional or amateur soloists or chosen from among the trainee singers.


7.1. Concerned about the health of its members and of the people involved in and for the organised activities for which they are responsible, the board of directors and its president undertake to respect and ensure respect for the health regulations in force decreed by the government; the directors of the association and its duly mandated representatives will ensure that each of its members as well as each of the speakers or guests, professionals, service providers and each of the people hired by the association are protected and protective with regard to the health regulations

7.2. Should sudden and compelling health conditions or governmental directives require it, the Board of Directors and its President may have to cancel or postpone without notice all or part of the activities of the association.


8.1. The membership is divided into two important categories: honorary, benefactor and active members on the one hand and adherent members on the other.

8.2. Adhering members are not invited to general meetings and only honorary, benefactor and active members have the right to vote and take decisions. However, adhering members may be consulted for advice.

8.3. On simple request, adhering members can receive the minutes and annexes of the General Assembly.


9.1. Members undertake to act with perfect probity in all circumstances, both inside and outside the association.

9.2. Members shall endeavour to participate actively in the life of the association and to work towards the achievement of its purpose.

9.3. Members shall refrain from damaging in any way the reputation, image and interests of the association and of other members.

9.4. Members shall strictly respect the confidentiality of non-public information they may have about the association and other members.

9.5. Members shall not divulge the contact details of other members and their representatives and shall not use these details for purposes unrelated to the object of the association. In particular, they undertake not to make any commercial use of them and not to use them or allow them to be used for canvassing purposes.

9.6. Members shall not act or speak on behalf of the Association without the express written authority of the President or the Board.

9.7. Members and their representatives shall take all appropriate measures to prevent and avoid any conflict of interest.

9.8. Members must inform the Board as soon as possible of any possible conflict of interest and generally of any difficulty that may arise in relation to the association.

9.9. Each member undertakes to respect the premises in which he/she is welcomed as well as the furniture he/she has the use of.


10.1. The internal regulations shall enter into force as soon as they are adopted by the Management Board.

10.2. It shall be brought to the attention of the members by making it available on the association’s website or at their request.

10.3. It is mandatory in all its elements for all members of our association.

10.4. No provision of the internal regulations may have the effect of contradicting the statutory provisions, which must take precedence in all circumstances.

Done in Toulouse,

May 5th 2020

The Board of Directors